How we are funded

Racine & Kenosha Counties Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES / RACES), also known as RKARES.ORG, is a completely volunteer run, 501(c)(3) organization. We are funded by our members, local HAM radio groups, local business owners and other people, just like you. Funds go towards the maintenance and equipment costs associated with providing emergency and civic communications services to our community. The funds we raise go toward things like batteries, antennas, radios. Everything down to the tires and bearings on the wheels of our Emergency Response trailer require your support.

Every donation to RKARES.ORG, whether it be equipment or monetary, is tax deductible. We also like to acknowledge donors (when appropriate) on our honor roll, which can be found on the RKARES.ORG website (HonorRoll). It's our way to give back a little something to them and their businesses.

Another really easy way way to help out RKARES.ORG, is by choosing "RK Amateur Radio Emergency Service Inc" as your Amazon Smile! selected charity! A small percentage of what you purchase may qualify to be donated to our organization at no cost to you. Please see the information to the right of this message. Be sure that you use to ensure your purchases are counted. Click here to utilize the RK Amateur Radio Emergency Service Inc - Smile! page directly.

Thank you for your support!


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